Package swaggerdocs

import "github.com/chaos-mesh/chaos-mesh/pkg/dashboard/swaggerdocs"

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Package swaggerdocs GENERATED BY SWAG; DO NOT EDIT This file was generated by swaggo/swag

Package swaggerdocs places swagger docs.

This file ensures that the `swaggerdocs` package still exists when `swagger` is not enabled.

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Package files

docs.go placeholder.go


SwaggerInfo holds exported Swagger Info so clients can modify it

var SwaggerInfo = &swag.Spec{
    Version:          "2.5",
    Host:             "",
    BasePath:         "/api",
    Schemes:          []string{},
    Title:            "Chaos Mesh Dashboard API",
    Description:      "Swagger for Chaos Mesh Dashboard. If you encounter any problems with API, please click on the issues link below to report.",
    InfoInstanceName: "swagger",
    SwaggerTemplate:  docTemplate,