Package ptrace

import "github.com/chaos-mesh/chaos-mesh/pkg/ptrace"

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type TracedProgram

TracedProgram is a program traced by ptrace

type TracedProgram struct {
    Entries []mapreader.Entry
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func Trace

func Trace(pid int, logger logr.Logger) (*TracedProgram, error)

Trace ptrace all threads of a process

func (*TracedProgram) Detach

func (p *TracedProgram) Detach() error

Detach detaches from all threads of the processes

func (*TracedProgram) FindSymbolInEntry

func (p *TracedProgram) FindSymbolInEntry(symbolName string, entry *mapreader.Entry) (uint64, uint64, error)

FindSymbolInEntry finds symbol in entry through parsing elf

func (*TracedProgram) GetLibBuffer

func (p *TracedProgram) GetLibBuffer(entry *mapreader.Entry) (*[]byte, error)

GetLibBuffer reads an entry

func (*TracedProgram) JumpToFakeFunc

func (p *TracedProgram) JumpToFakeFunc(originAddr uint64, targetAddr uint64) error

JumpToFakeFunc writes jmp instruction to jump to fake function

func (*TracedProgram) Mmap

func (p *TracedProgram) Mmap(length uint64, fd uint64) (uint64, error)

Mmap runs mmap syscall

func (*TracedProgram) MmapSlice

func (p *TracedProgram) MmapSlice(slice []byte) (*mapreader.Entry, error)

MmapSlice mmaps a slice and return it's addr

func (*TracedProgram) Pid

func (p *TracedProgram) Pid() int

Pid return the pid of traced program

func (*TracedProgram) Protect

func (p *TracedProgram) Protect() error

Protect will backup regs and rip into fields

func (*TracedProgram) PtraceWriteSlice

func (p *TracedProgram) PtraceWriteSlice(addr uint64, buffer []byte) error

PtraceWriteSlice uses ptrace rather than process_vm_write to write a buffer into addr

func (*TracedProgram) ReadSlice

func (p *TracedProgram) ReadSlice(addr uint64, size uint64) (*[]byte, error)

ReadSlice reads from addr and return a slice

func (*TracedProgram) Restore

func (p *TracedProgram) Restore() error

Restore will restore regs and rip from fields

func (*TracedProgram) Step

func (p *TracedProgram) Step() error

Step moves one step forward

func (*TracedProgram) Syscall

func (p *TracedProgram) Syscall(number uint64, args ...uint64) (uint64, error)

Syscall runs a syscall at main thread of process

func (*TracedProgram) Wait

func (p *TracedProgram) Wait() error

Wait waits until the process stops

func (*TracedProgram) WriteSlice

func (p *TracedProgram) WriteSlice(addr uint64, buffer []byte) error

WriteSlice writes a buffer into addr

func (*TracedProgram) WriteUint64ToAddr

func (p *TracedProgram) WriteUint64ToAddr(addr uint64, value uint64) error

WriteUint64ToAddr writes uint64 to addr